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Give yourself a Facial Massage

Oil Massage Yourself

Give yourself a Facial Massage
Feeling tired all the time? Is work stressing you and making your face look exhausted ?

Does your eyes look like haven’t slept in days? Then all you need is a face massage to make your skin shine and bring freshness to your face

The things you’ll need for a facial massage : quiet place, oil, relaxing music (based on taste)

The first need you need is to find a quiet place, far from the noises or things that make you feel uncomfortable ,if you like music then a relaxing song would be good for you.

The second step is to wash your hands and your face with soap so your skin doesn’t get irritated or something.

Rub the oil and gently put it in your hands and spread it all over your face. Start from the cheeks to all the other facial parts.
After putting the oil start to massage your cheekbones go across to the forehead, do this move for like 4-5 times slowly
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Then start with the neck, just smooth movements ,from down up..do the few times also

Circle the mouth with your fingers few times slowly from the bottom lip then go up.

After that massage your eyes, don’t push it too hard just a little bit to feel the pressure ,do that few times with your fingers…
Put your finger between the eyebrows just hold it there for a few seconds then move the finger in a circle way, put a little bit pressure on the finger just so you can feel it taking way that bad energy from you.

Massage the nose up and down repetetly with your fingers then from the nose down to the cheeks for a few minutes.
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Wash your face to take the oil off your face and look the change on you instantly, you will feel fresh and full of energy ! Shine …