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Glitter Makeup Tips


Some women may think that glitter is for teenagers but it’s not, that’s why on 2012 it was chosen as best beauty trends. We all have seen runways and makeup models use, in most of the times they use glitter or shimmer.  If you put the glitter in the right place and with the right color then you’ll absolutely shine! Here are some tips on how to apply glitter as well as choosing the best colors.

Is important to match your eyeshadow with glitter that means that if your eyeshadow got glitter or shine then is better to keep the color on the same line.  One good example of this is the gold glitter, which need to be matched with warm colors such as brown or dark green.

Gold Glitter with Dark Green Eyeshadow                                   Gold Glitter with Brown Eyeshadow 

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In the other hand silver glitter it matches perfectly with colors like purple and blue :

Silver Glitter with Blue Eyeshadow                                            Silver Glitter with Purple Eyeshadow 

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In order to have a good result with glitter you have to choose good brands, don’t be cheap on this otherwise it will just mess all over your face. Choose a good brand.

When applying glitter is better to apply it before you get dressed because glitter is messy and it will ruin your outfit.

As we know glitter doesn’t stick, so probably it will just fall once you apply it in your eyes that’s why is recommended to use a foundation or put some cream so it can last and not get messy.

Take it all off once you go to sleep. It’s a totally mess if you sleep with glitter on your face.