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Great Eye Lashes Tips

Eye Lashes Tips

Great Eye Lashes Tips
When it comes to the eyes, make up is one of the greatest things to make them look amazing but eye lashes have an important role on that also. We all use mascara because we want longer or fuller lashes but putting fake eye lashes and choosing which ones it also need experience or just some great tips which you will read on this article. Great Eye Lashes Tips
Great Eye Lashes Tips
Always take of your make up and mascara before you sleep, otherwise the mascara will dry your lashes and they tend to brake and just fall after, I would also suggest putting some castor oil on the lashes before you sleep because it helps to grow and make them stronger.

Before applying mascara always remember to use a eyelash curler because it will give you a natural look and make them look fuller.

Eye Lashes are part of your body so whatever you eat, it will directly affect on your eyelashes. Take a lot of vitamin B6, magnesium, fruits ect.
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Also another way to make your eye lashes look longer is by applying mascara only on the top lashes, that’s what I do. It always works! Longer lashes trick.

Apply second mascara after the first one if you’re not happy with the result, it will give you the length you desire.

Putting Fake Eye Lashes
Putting fake eye lashes is not that difficult, you only need some basic things to do it and few tips to make them look the way you want it. First of all make sure that the length and shape of the eyelashes you have chosen fit perfect to your eye, you don’t want bigger or smaller, longer or shorter big difference will make them look fake. Take the eye lashes and give it the shape that your eyes have, you making it ready for glue. The glue needed for this must be a good quality otherwise it will not resist long.

Wait few seconds for glue to become sticky and then put the eye lash in the place you putted the glue. If the glue dry and looks like messy or white don’t worry, with the black mascara everything will be gone.

Time to put mascara now, mix together the fake and natural lashes so it will look neutral and full.