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Hairstyles For Men

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Talking on the traditional and older themes, style, fashion and glamour have always sided more towards the women and so the focus by the designers and trend setters have been on them. But in this era, this is not true. Make over and style have attained equal significance for men as well. A number of successful running salons are there for men and are being encouraged by all.
In case of style and adapting better looks by men, the very first thing that grabs attention is their hairstyles. No doubt in the fact, it is harder and requires more skill in giving a perfect look that matches and suits the personality. It also requires the effort by an individual to maintain a good health of their hair by oiling, washing and usage of quality products.
Hairstyles for men can be according to the on going season. In winter, a good look with appropriate bulk of hair is managed while in summers, short haircuts may be preferred.

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Hairstyles for Men

People often try to copy some of their favorite and famous personalities by copying their hair styles. Lets talk about some particular hairstyles according to the type, length and quality of hair one have and also that are more common and popular these days.

For Short Hair

In case one have crew cut, not much can be done but just a slight settlement using gel. Spiking can also be tried but won’t give a much good look.

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For Hair with Medium length

Much can be done if one has a medium length hair. Here are some hairstyles to choose from:

Spiky Hair

All you need to do is comb all your hair forward and take the middle portion for spikes. Use gel and when properly settled, you can do hairspray. This style is preferred for cool looks by younger boys but not recommended for the professionals. It is better not to try on dry, rough hair. It would be more suitable if one has got a broad face.

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Simple Bangs or Spiky Hair with Bangs

One can also have bangs with spikes by brushing some of the front hair forward. If spiking is not done, the simple bangs will also give a smarter look.

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Faux Hawk Hairstyle

It is another version of spiky hairstyle but a more sharp look with very less or shaved hair on both the sides.

For Long Hair

Straightening with center partition is most appropriate for hair at shoulder length. Another option is to tie them back for a graceful look. Tying the excess hair at back, you can go for any of the above style.

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For Curly Hair

It is very hard to manage curly hair but still a lot can be done. It is recommended to go for simple styles and use a good quality gel and spray to manage your hair.

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Some Celebrity Hairstyles

Some particular hairstyles of celebrities like Paul Walker, David Beckham, Edward Cullen, Zac Efron, Justin Timberlake and Richard Gere are also popular and so one can go for them if suitable.

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