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Handmade Hijab Brooches


Handmade arts and crafts are always attractive. They look exclusive and depict your creativity. Brooches are the most attractive accessory for Hiijab taking women. If you try to make some handmade brooches it would be a great fun along with a unique style.

Here are some unique ways in which you can use household items to make a beautiful brooch for yourself. You can use ribbons, laces, buttons, zippers, pearls and many other items to make a lovely brooch for your  Hijab.

Handmade Hijab Brooches – Using Ribbons

Have a look at this unique style in which a ribbon has been used with a heart shaped button to form a flower brooch. It is a quick and simple task requiring only a little effort!

Handmade Hijab Brooches  scarf ribbon brooch 1

 Handmade Hijab Brooches – Using Polymer Clay

If you are more interested in handicrafts, then the polymer clay is going to be really exploring option for you. We have given you one example – a rose Hijab brooch made of polymer clay.

Handmade Hijab Brooches  various designs polymer clay flower hijab pin

Handmade Hijab Brooches – Using Pearls

Look at this one! It’s easy yet graceful. You will just need a Hijab pin and a few beautiful pearls to make this beautiful Hijab brooches.

Handmade Hijab Brooches  il fullxfull.350578308

Handmade Hijab Brooches – Using Buttons

Button crafts have made their way recently in handicraft industry. We have given you one example here. You can try many more creative ideas with buttons.

Handmade Hijab Brooches  07102010493


Handmade Hijab Brooches – Using Broken Jewellery

This one is just perfect! Don’t know what to do with your broken earring? Here comes the way. Use it to make the pretty Hijab brooch like the one given below.

Handmade Hijab Brooches  hijab pin scarf pin hat Pin stick pin handmade hijab pins hijab safety pins 3 1


Handmade Hijab Brooches – Using Zippers

Zippers are quite in the handicraft industry now days. You can make a beautiful flower brooch with a little molding of zippers according to your choice.

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Handmade Hijab Brooches – Using Knitting

Hand knitting is one of the traditional crafts. You may apply your knitting skills for making a decent and elegant Hijab brooch.

Handmade Hijab Brooches  br 01

Handmade Hijab Brooches – Using Bows

Bow shaped brooches look funky as well as cool. You may opt for these too.

Handmade Hijab Brooches  dscn4340

Handmade Hijab Brooches – Using Beads

Beads and handicrafts are complementary. Here are a few examples to help you use beads for Hijab brooch making.

Handmade Hijab Brooches  4589783902 8190cf4094


Handmade Hijab Brooches – Using Laces

Laces are also a lovely way to make an exclusive Hijab brooch for you!

Handmade Hijab Brooches  0

All of the above designs are very easy to make. you just need to put a little creativity and a little aesthetic sense to match and contrast colors and blend items together to make a wonderful Hijab brooch. They are economical as well as stylish and elegant.  A little practice with a little interest will make you perfect in this art and who knows that one day you will be running your own handmade Brooch store?