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Healthy Diet Tips for Ramadan


Ramadan is the month of worship and belief. It is the month in which Muslims fast during daylight hours and in the evening they can eat meals. According to Holy Quran “was sent down from heaven, guidance unto men, a declaration of direction and a means of Salvation”

The entire fasting period is meant to make Muslims humble and modest. They are not allowed to eat or drink anything during fasting period. It injects purity of action and firmness in faith among the Muslims. They feel less concerned towards daily life affairs and are motivated towards prayers.

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Ramadan is meant for spiritual as well as physical cleansing but unfortunately, due to unhealthy diet habits, most of the people end up in gaining weight after Ramadan. The month can offer you a number of health benefits, if you follow a balanced diet chart for your daily meals. Usually, people take meals twice a day during fast – one at pre dawn and the other after sunset.

Here are some healthy diet tips for you so that you can gain maximum blessings not only in the form of piousness but also in the form of good health. According to doctors, it is quite necessary for the stomach to slow down its metabolic action for some period in a year and Ramadan provides best way for the purpose.

Healthy Diet Tips for Ramadan

For Pre Dawn Meals (Sahur)

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that no doubt you are going to control your hunger and thirst during the fasting period but it does not mean that your body needs excessive food storage in the pre dawn meal rather during fasting your body can utilize already stored fats easily. So, a light but balanced meal with sufficient nutrients is enough to help you perform daily life activities during fasting. Here are a few suggestions for a light and healthy pre dawn meal.

  • You can eat whole wheat or cereal or bread along with a cup of milk. It will fulfil your energy requirements.
  • In addition to it, you can have a salad with olive oils to take proteins.
  • If you try adding 1-2 servings of fruits to your pre dawn meal as a last item, then it ensures that you have taken enough calorie intakes for all day activity.

Healthy Diet Tips for Ramadan Enjoy a healthy Diet during Ramadan

For Sunset Meals (iftar)

Now we discuss the second meal called iftar eaten at sunset.

Of course, you body needs a sufficient energy intake at this time after a long day of work. So, as an immediate step, you should go for the glucose sources to provide energy to your brain and nerve cells.

  • A healthy iftar needs should be balanced providing enough amount of glucose, vitamins and proteins to your body.
  • To incorporate low glucose level in blood, dates and juices are the best options.
  • Once you take dates with a refreshing drink, you can go for soup to manage mineral balance in the body.
  • It is said that excess of everything is bad so too many servings of dates and juices is also unhealthy.
  • After this, you should have a proper dinner meal. Try having a balance in the dinner items. You can make a weekly chart and include all the necessary nutrients on weekly basis. Your dinner meal should contain meat or beans along with vegetables and fruits.
  • Take care that you are using low fat oil for your dinner; it will surely keep your cholesterol level in control.

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The Most Important

As a last and the most important tip, water intake is very necessary to avoid dehydration so you should drink sufficient quantity of water between iftar and sleep especially for this summery Ramadan.

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These easy and simple tips will mark your Ramadan with physical fitness and you will be able to devote maximum time to worship.