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Healthy Tips to Reduce Hair Fall


21st century is the era of fashion, style, trend, new amazing cuts and touches. World is now revolutionized by new ideas and fantastic creations. Everyone wants to look fabulous. People try to wear new stylish outfits, trendy foot wears and want to have unique haircut to give themselves alluring look. But new hair styles can be tried only when your hairs are fresh, healthy and thick. But these days hair fall is a serious issue.Healthy Tips to Reduce Hair Fall plesa 660x448

Yes Guys many men and women are facing this problem of devastating hair fall which greatly influence their personality. Hair fall is a great issue and it is mainly due to our hectic frustrated idle routine.  The key factors that play an important role in increasing hair fall are unhygienic and unhealthy food, dust, living lazy lives and spending hours on computer, television and games.Healthy Tips to Reduce Hair Fall oodd

Healthy tips to reduce hair fall

To get rid of hair fall following healthy tips should be followed.

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Eat healthy food and say no to junk food

Healthy food like protein rich food and green vegetables reduce hair fall so prefer to take wheat, oats, beans, spinach, fresh juices etc to reduce hair fall.Healthy Tips to Reduce Hair Fall mm

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Get hair message with oil

A few minute hair message by putting oil on the scalp and rubbing it smoothly will reduce hair fall. Olive oil, coconut oil and canola oil are frequently used for healthy hairs.

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Good Hair care

Take general care of your hairs. Avoid taking hot or too cold baths as they damage your hairs. Hot water make your hair follicles brittle by opening the skin pores that leads to hair fall. Secondly brushing hairs too rapidly also leads to hair fall. Try to brush your hairs many times a day as it increase blood circulation in brain and reduces hair fall.Healthy Tips to Reduce Hair Fall importance of brushing hair

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Beat stress

Stress is important factor that lead to hair fall. So avoid taking tensions and try to reduce stress for healthy thick hairs.Healthy Tips to Reduce Hair Fall 052411 Health Hair

Avoid changing shampoo

Avoid changing shampoo again and again to reduce hair fall. Use the shampoo that suits you hairs. For dry hairs use shampoo rich in oils with a tag mentioned “FOR DRY HAIRS”.Healthy Tips to Reduce Hair Fall how to shampoo your hair.WidePlayer

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In short hair fall is the common problem and to reduce hair fall we should take care of our hairs. To have healthy smooth shiny hair try to follow above tips that will give a new grace and look to your personality.