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Heart Disease in Women

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Heart Disease can affect men and also women, the symptoms can be different to each gender.

Here are some Tips for women on how to understand the signs of heart disease and symptoms that are not related to chest pain.

One of the most common signs is neck pain; it feels like tiredness.

Sweating and vomiting is also very common in women. It took years to my grandma to realize that she had heart disease ,her first sign was sweating, she would sweat all the time and feel like her body was on fire.
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Like most of the time, we go and visit the doctor when the major damage have happen in our body, well don’t wait that long ! Take care of your body, is the house of your soul.

Having high blood pressure and fat in your body will directly affect in heart disease, take care of your diet and exercise a lot to prevent it.

If you are a smoker, then it’s time to quit. If you love yourself and you want to live long, then read my previous article on ‘How to Quit Smoking’, there are some great tips there.

Age disease usually starts in old age but that doesn’t mean that you should not take care of yourself to prevent that for happening.
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In the America heart diseases are the most common factors of death so that means that heart disease’s death are increasing each years. Whenever you feel one of the signs or you feel that something wrong with your heart, go to a doctor have check, because after heart attack women have it twice harder than men to recover.