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Heart Disease Symptoms

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The most common symptoms of heart disease are :

Dyspnea (breathless) Modification of normal breathing increase or decrease the depth of breathing and/or increase or decrease the frequency of respiratory rhythm. Dyspnea that occurs during daily activities is one of the most common manifestations of heart disease or lung. Distinguish the cardiac causes of Dyspnea from pulmonary ones can be a difficult clinical problem.

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Chest pain. Another symptom of heart disease is the chest pain, that happens when the coronary arteries doesn’t provide enough oxygen for the heart.

Chest pain during myocardial infarction is qualitatively similar to dyspnea, orthopnea and signs of autonomic hyperactivity, tachycardia, bradycardia and sweating.

Palpitations, Is a common symptom ,defined as an unpleasant awareness of heartbeat. Can be caused by a multiplicity of heart rhythm abnormalities. An irregular heartbeat, fast and chaotic suggests an arterial fibrillation, while an increase in frequency, but with regular pulse is a synonym for sinus tachycardia. An essential element in the evaluation is to determine the presence or absence of a heart disease.

Edema, Is one of the major signs of heart failure of any origin. In most cases, edema associated with sodium and fluid retention with increased blood volume.

Fatigue. Patients use this term to indicate discomfort or tiredness, precursors to myocardial infarction symptoms.
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Fatigue is also used to describe the feeling of weakness of the skeletal muscles that may limit the ability to exercise. Cardiovascular disease symptom is due to premature muscle weakness limiting exercise. We must also bear in mind that anxiety and depression they are causes of fatigue.