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Hijab and Burqa


Islam gives great importance to cover your body but there are many ways to cover our body. Hijab and Burqa have their own significance. In Holy Quran this is said.  “O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters, as well as all believing women, that they should draw over themselves some of their outer garments [when in public]: this will be more conducive to their being recognised as decent women and not molested.” Hijab and burqa are two difference things.Hijab and Burqa 724091 hijab


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Hijab and Burqa burqa



Hijab is a headscarf which covers the hair, neck and somehow girls chest and shoulder. But hands and face are not covered. as we have a few pics to make the concept clear.Hijab and Burqa Hijab11


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Burqa is that garment which mostly covers all the body from head to feet. In it, hands and face are not visible. They are covered with mess. the burqa allows only your eyes to see around but they aer covered as well.Hijab and Burqa afghan women sitting on the side of the road wearing blue burqas


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Hijab and burqa

There is a variety of designs of Hijab and Burqa that are found in market. Mostly girls wear both in observance of Islamic modesty codes. Burqa wearing is considered as an old tradition mostly worn by women living in Afghanistan, Iran or Pakistan.Hijab and Burqa Afghan women clad in burqa walk up a hill Kabul sofrep

On the other hand hijabs are worn by women of many cultures to show them modest.

In many countries to wear burqa for women is compulsory, as it is their law which is strictly followed. But countries like France have banned the wearing of Burqa in the place of work. But all the countries allow Hijab.

So, Hijab is prefered over Burqa. It is consider as a new trend and loves by majority of girls of both eastern and western countries. Hijab gives a decent look to one’s personality while burqa give a traditional old look. According to some ladies, Burqa hides the modesty of ladies and they look old fashioned.