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Hijab and Sunglasses


We all love sunglasses, don’t we? some wear them to protect their eyes from the sun and others because it makes them look fashionable, but is there a right way to wear sunglasses that  suits perfectly with your hijab? well, there is not a written rule for that; you go to the shop and try different one; the kind that suits your face shape perfectly like it is shown in the pictures below.

This combination of hijab and glasses is absolutely stunning. Medium frame sunglasses are perfect with hijab because it doesn’t push it up on the sides…

Hijab and Sunglasses  kk

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There are two different ways of wearing sunglasses with hijab, one is by wearing them under the hijab and the other by wearing it over the hijab. When wearing it under the hijab make sure not to make the hijab too tight, not only cause it doesn’t look nice but also you’re going to end up with a headache probably.

-Sunglasses over the hijab:

Hijab and Sunglasses  tumblr ma5rtz2BSw1rfc8a9o1 500

Sunglasses under the hijab:  

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Hijab and Sunglasses  01 a big black ring with some soft silver bangles and a chic pair of sunglasses sm

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Last but not least this cool metal frame sunglasses and that so “in” for this season

Hijab and Sunglasses  tumblr mib4ajHGIy1qeykkbo1 5001