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Hijab fashion trending these days!


Yesterday I met this young girl who was looking simply amazing and elegant. But what surprised me the most was that she was in Hijab. I could not believe what my eyes saw that how can someone look so elegant and gorgeous in Hijab. Looking at her made me realized that now there exist something like Hijab fashion trending these days. They are many people who views about Hijab will match mine as I also thought that Hijab means something very simple.

But yes, trends and time has changed when Muslim women can carry and uphold their modesty even if they style their look in Hijab. In early days, we witnessed that women and young girls used to wear Hijab following one way which was common to everyone. But today we see girls and women wearing experimenting Hijab in different ways and believe me they look terrific.

Hijab fashion trending these days! Hijab Street Fashion with Scarf

So what are these changing trends? This is what I will discuss in my today’s post. Here I will pen down some of the styles but there are numerous. So let’s get started.

Hijab Fabric

In the past women and young girls used to wear cotton or chiffon hijabs. But today we see them wearing hijabs made of different fabric. They are seen wearing Hijabs made of silk, pashmina, wool, etc.

Wrapping of the Scarf

Most of the women prefer scarfs to cover their heads as they are easy to handle. Today we see them wrapping their scarfs in unique styles which give them an amazing look. I have seen then wrapping the entire scarf on their heads of or wrap it loosely around their necks.

Hijab fashion trending these days! hijab fashion

Hijab Accessories

Hijab has further been styled with the use of various accessories which girls wear. These includes items like brooches, badges, headbands, etc. Brooches and badges can pinned properly to give a semi-formal look. However for occasions like weddings, women can add earrings, bangles, etc. to give them a stylish look.

Hijab Dresses

Likewise we see a change of trends in the dresses which girls wear in Hijab. Previously, a simple abaya preferably in black color was a typical look for girls who wear Hijab. But now girls even wear a simple scarf with jeans and shirt. Similarly, they wear gowns, shalwar kameez etc. with scarfs.

Hijab fashion trending these days! cute hijab

 Hijab Footwear

Flat slippers were preferred by women who wore Hijab earlier but as I have discussed above the changing trends in Hijab dressing has forced women to wear different kinds of footwear like high heels, pumps, long boots, etc.

So these were some of the fashion trends in Hijab. I hope you liked this article and you will share this post with your friends.