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Hijab Outfit Styles 2014


Hijab is great blessing for ladies from Allah Almighty. It imparts great sense of covering to ladies and adds graceful and modest look to their personalities. Islam emphasized greatly on Hijab as Holy Quran says

O Prophet! Tell thy wives and thy daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks close round them [when they go abroad]. That will be better, that so they may be recognized and not annoyed. Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful.

So ladies love to do Hijab to protect them from devil eyes and to please Allah. But there is great confusion among ladies about Hijab Outfit Ideas. So to make ladies aware about latest fashion and Hijab Ideas and latest Hijab outfits we are going to discuss “Hijab Outfit Styles 2014” over here.

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Style 1

Hijab Style outfits for 2014 comprises of simple or printed rectangular scarves that look fabulous when they are paired with long simple maxi skirt, button down shirts, monochrome tops or jackets that hive ladies smart and class look. Floral printed colorful scarves look amazing when paired with versatility of bright skirts, embroidered jackets, accessories and hand bag to give ladies stylish look.

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Trend of Belts and skirts remain on full bloom in 2014. Pleated maxi skirts will be “in” in running fashion of 2014. DIY pleated skirts with DIY colorful layered style Hijabs having simple shirts, boots and leather belts of distinct styles are part of latest trend.

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Style 2

Long Maxi Dresses also remain popular among ladies during 2014. Colorful maxis or maxi frocks having delicate embroidery on neck, sleeves and daman look amazing when paired with simple Hijabs.

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For formal parties ladies will like style in fancy maxis adorned with tassels and beads with turban style or layered style Hijab to that add silhouette and grace to personalities of ladies.

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In short 2014 offers exclusive Hijab outfits with latest styles, innovative cuts, fascinating prints, marvelous color combinations and distinct stuffs so ladies get ready with good budgets to avail opportunity of buying fabulous Hijab outfit for sleek and stylish appearance.