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In the previous article I highlighted how Hijab and its styles are expressed in different languages. This was to show and prove that Hijab is a universal dress and it worn by Muslim women living across the globe. Not only this even non-muslim women can also wear it. Hijab is worn in different styles and forms. Again these styles vary and change as we move from one region to another. These variations depends greatly on climatic conditions. Apart from all these external factors Hijab styles also depend on face cut as well. We have heard different Hijab styles with respect to face shapes, etc. like hijab styles for round fave, hijab styles for oval face, hijab face for square face, triangular hijab styles, etc.

We are going to discuss one such Hijab style today. This is known as hijab segi empat. You must be again confused with this name and must be thinking this is some kind of new Hijab style which is been worn in some part of the world. But all those people who understand Indonesian language or the people who belong to Indonesia must understand what I have just wrote. Hijab segi empat means the “rectangular hijab”.

You all might be smiling and thinking why so? I am just making you familiar with this new Indonesian term which is related with Hijab style. Rectangular hijab styles is very much in trend these days and may girls adopt this style to look trendy and elegant. Rectangular hijab styles gives a formal look to women and they can adopt this styles for some formal occasion like weddings, parties, official business meetings etc. This is quite an easy to do style which girls and women can achieve in a few minutes. Scarfs made of chiffon, silk, cotton etc. can be used to make this style.

So for this reason I am writing this today’s post or you can say I am rehashing the old style with a new cover. That is hijab segi empat for rectangular hijab. Next time when you want to play a trick with your friends or you just want to confuse them you may use this term of hijab segi empat. They will think as if this is some new kind of dress but you will surprise them for sure. So scroll through this list and share these images and styles with your friends. After you are done do let us know about your views about this collection and this collection.

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Hijab Segi Empat hijab tutorial new hana tajima


Hijab Segi Empat Kumpulan Tutorial Hijab Segi Empat Terbaru 2014 10


Hijab Segi Empat segi empat 2


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Hijab Segi Empat square hijab tutorial


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