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Hijab Style With Glasses


Islam is the best religion of world and it greatly emphasizes on concepts of modesty, honesty, equality etc .Yes Islam is the religion that introduces the concept of RESPECT for women. It urges the people to give respect and rights to ladies but it also set some limits for Muslim ladies.  Islam emphasizes greatly on the Hijab for ladies.

Hijab means covering of head, body and back. There are many ways of doing Hijab either with scarff, dupatta or with abaya. Hijab give graceful and modest look to ladies.  Hijab with glasses is a new trend now a days. Ladies like to do Hijab with glasses. Hijab with glasses give ladies a cool and elegant look but now the problem arises that women find difficulty in  Hijab with glasses.Hijab Style With Glasses Tips Memadu Hijab dan Kacamata 1

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Hijab Style With Glasses

These days trend of Hijab is at peak and glasses of wide or broad frame are part of latest trend. Scarffs of stuffs like silk, shaffon are mostly worn by ladies with glasses of big frame to give themselves sleek and stylish look. So  following way of tying Hijab around face should be followed.Hijab Style With Glasses large 1 Hijab Style With Glasses New Scarf And Hijab Styles Trend For Women Collection 2013 4 1

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Wearing Hijab with glasses seems fabulous and trendy but the hairs generally slip out of scarff because the scarff become loose due to frame of glasses. The most appropriate way of doing Hijab with Glasses is first tie scarff around your face  and then pinned under the chin, then wear glasses and again wrap it around your face. It prevents the frame of glasses to come in direct contact with skin due to which problem of hair showing solves.Hijab Style With Glasses hij

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Hijab with Glasses look fabulous even glasses are worn when Hijab is done with Niqab. Thus ladies both in eastern and western world mostly like to do Hijab and they are really been able to manage Hijab with hearings, glasses of different styles for new look.