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Hijab Styles for Round Faces


It is mostly observed that the Hijab wearing women are not much conscious regarding their selection of scarves in spite of the fact that scarf is the most important outfit item for them. The way you wrap Hijab around your face defines your face look. While wrapping the scarf style, spare a few moments and look yourself in the mirror that whether it suits you or not?  If you are not satisfied by your appearance, don’t worry! You may need to take care about your face shape while choosing a scarf style for yourself.

Hijab Styles for Round Faces

Here are some tips for round faced women with hopes that these guidelines will prove quite beneficial for you.

Hijab Styles for Round Faces New Scarf And Hijab Styles Trend For Women Collection 2013

How to Wrap your Hijab?

  • If you are have a round faced; then you need to use Hijab styles that complement the width of your face. You can use a loose dupatta or pashmina around your face and leave a few inches between your chin and the edge of your scarf.  The loose drapery style will skim the sides of your face otherwise a tight Hijab would bring your cheeks forward.
  •  You can use under cap so that it lengthens your face. For this purpose, wear the under cap in such a way that it doesn’t cover your fore head rather wear it by keeping your scarf further back.

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  • Another way to disguise your rounder edges is to add texture to your scarf by creating more folds. It would balance your chubby cheeks!

Hijab Styles for Round Faces hijab style tips

How to Accessorize your Hijab?

If you are interested to accessorize your Hijab, avoid using decorative items on the cheeks. They would rather stretch your chin. You can use forehead accessories.

Hijab Styles for Round Faces Islamic Hijabs for girls

Which Hijab Styles will Suit you?

Tight turban styles like Spanish Hijab styles are also not suitable for you rather you may go for Turkish styles. They are very elegant and frame your face nicely focusing on the eyes and define your chin well.

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So, when you go for shopping next time, keep these little tips in mind and tell us what positive changes came in your looks?