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Hijab Styles with Saree



Saree is an old traditional dress that is mostly used by Indians, but throughout the whole world everyone use it with a great zeal and enthusiasm. Saree adds the beauty to one’s look and it also represents the graceful style of the woman. Usage of Saree is not age-limited rather everyone can wear it. Either she is a girl or a young lady, even married girls and old aged women also wear it as a trend. The important attribute of Saree is that it suits to everyone, but it is a bit difficult to handle Saree and walk with an ease and comfort. Saree must never be worn alone but along with two of its parts that include Petticoat and Cholli.

Saree with Hijab

Saree with Hijab gives us a perfect, girly, delicate and a very romantic look, by using pastel or floral prints. By wearing Hijab with Saree, there is no tension of taking duppata and one can easily do her job without taking tension of body covering as it covers the whole body. Sometimes it become difficult to carry Hijab then for this we use lace, ruffles, pearls, brooch and flower.


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As a Bride

As a bride, for Muslims it is easy to wear Saree with Hijab, because it has full sleeves and no hair can come out of it. A girl may feel protected and secure by wearing Saree along with Hijab.

There are some tips to wear Hijab with a Saree, so you need to scroll down a little and have a look on all of them.Hijab Styles with Saree tumblr m966y0Jda01r568bqo1 1280 1


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The Color

One of the Easiest ways to wear Hijab along with Saree is by playing down your Hijab down while wearing saree, this will give you a modest and elegant look. While wearing a multi-colored sari with embroidery, we must try to match it with fancy Hijab. So, it gives you a decent and attractive look.



The Style

Every country or city has its own tradition, so style of wearing both Saree and Hijab differ from each other. As Indians wear Saree with short blouse so their Hijab must be on the head so that it can cover their body as well as their back.
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