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Home Decoration for Winters


Winter home decoration is the most important and necessary part in house decoration. Weathers change and so the decoration of houses also. For example in summer, house decoration is set so that fresh air enters all the time. And in rainy season, ventilation is required because of congestion. In the same way, in winter, it is important to cover all the open areas so that no cool air could enter.

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In winter, special attention is needed to decorate your house. In different countries, intensity is of weather is different; therefore, different conditions and decorations are adopted. But here we will discuss some common tips for decoration houses in winter and how to keep them warm in this season.

1-    Keep all the windows closed

Keep your windows closed at evening so that no cool air storm could enter your house. But try to keep windows open at day time so that fresh air could enter.

 2-    Put up the curtains

Put the curtains up in evening time. Curtains stop heavy air storm form coming into the home.

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3-    Close the doors

Try to keep the doors closed all the time specially.

4-     Use rug or carpets

Use carpets as they preserve heat and cause less heat loss. They are warmer and have soft surface to walk on.

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5-    Burn the chimney and light the candle

Chimneys and candles produce a lot of heat and keep the rooms warm without any type of suffocation. Candle is a very cheap material and easy available all the time.

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6-    Use smaller rooms

Try to use smaller rooms as they provide less heat loss.

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7-    Turn on incandescent lamps

Turn on incandescent lights because they are a good source of heat and keep that place warm. They produce more heat than light.

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8-  Prevent air leaks

Check your doors and windows regularly if they are broken or some type of gap is between them.

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These are some of the common tips that can be adopted to keep house warm and beautiful in any country.