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Homemade Recipes for Facial Puffiness


The reasons that lead to facial puffiness can various but unless it’s caused by health issues, you can always get rid of it by some homemade beauty recipes that will help your face get back where it was.

The most known ways of removing facial puffiness is by applying ice or by soaking up a cloth in cold water and massaging your face afterwards; or by placing tow tablespoon in the freezer and then putting it on your face by moving it slowly on the puffed areas.

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What causes facial puffiness: As mentioned above the reasons that lead to facial puffiness can be various but before you choose which treatment (home remedy) to use; Facial puffiness can be caused because of stress, long hours of sleep, dehydration, obesity, over drinking alcohol and so on.

It’s important to know that consuming too much salt in daily basis doesn’t help the problem, therefore is recommended a low-salt diet. As you maybe have noticed before, facial puffiness occurs more in the mornings than nights.

Furthermore below are some amazing homemade recipes that will help you with facial puffiness.

Stream green tea in an ice tray and put it in the freezer. Take the green tee ice cubs out of the fridge afterwards and chafe it on your face; slowly massage the puffed areas with it. It doesn’t just help with puffiness but it also makes your skin fresh and it helps keeping a young looking skin.

Under eye puffiness and facial puffiness are quite common, especially the eye puffiness that can develop with age. Cucumbers are known to be very beneficial when it comes to this, therefore put some slices of cucumber in blender until it becomes like a paste and then apply it all over your face; leave it there for about 20-25 minutes and then wash your face with warm water. For a more effective mask you can add milk or lemon juice to it.

Coffee and Cocoa Mask. For this mask you will need four tablespoon of cocoa powder and four tablespoon of coffee; as well as eight tablespoon of milk. Mix these three ingredients together until it becomes like a smooth paste and then apply it on your face. Leave it there for few minutes and then wash it off. It is very effective as well as 100% natural like all the remedies above.

These masks are for all type of skins and they are proven not to have any side effects; but if you have dry skin and want to use something that includes oily ingredients then we have the right recipe for you.

All you need is four tablespoon of olive oil, almond oil or whatever oil product you find suitable for you. You can add milk or egg to this mask also. After mixing the ingredients together, apply it on your face and leave it there for few minutes and after wash it off with warm water.

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Tips: Drink enough water everyday so your body won’t get dehydrated; have proper sleep and avoid oversleeping during the night or day. Keep a healthy diet and avoid alcohol.