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How Moods can Mess With Your Skin


The way you deal with your emotions it has a big impact on your skin. Stress and depression can show up in your skin in any different ways. Read below how mood affects on your skin and how to deal with it:

Stress – is the one of the biggest problems in the today’s society. Many people don’t know how to deal with their emotions; the reasons that lead to stress can be various from job to personal relationships but the way you react towards problems is essential. When someone gets stressed a hormone called cortisol runs through your blood and affects all your organs by making them more fragile. When you’re stressed you tend to eat more or less than usual; and that can destroy your body; which is reflected in your skin by aging it. You have probably seen people that say they’ve had a tough life, they always look older and their skin is really wrinkled no matter what age they are. Learn how to cope with stress and keep a positive attitude towards problems. Keep in mind that “Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but it gets you nowhere”.

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Anger- is the mother of wrinkles. When someone has a problem with anger their face is always tense and so is their skin. When someone is angry most of the time, their muscles are so tense that they create lines on their skin; therefore learn about anger management and help yourself because it will destroy not only your skin but also your mental health.

Depression- is usually associated with sleep patterns; and someone who lacks sleep doesn’t have a chance of having a healthy glowing skin. Depression tends to cause wrinkles- why? Because the facial expressions play big role on your skin; treat yourself through medication you suffer from depression for a long time.

Smile – for good skin; the way you deal with people, the world and yourself is essential if you want a healthy body and skin- therefore it has been proven that smile is really the best medicine you can provide to yourself. By having a positive attitude and smiling most of the time will not only make you feel good with yourself and make people love you but also having a fresh glowing skin in the most natural way ever.