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How to Apply Black Eye Shadow


In case you have gotten tired of limiting yourself always on simple colors such as beige or brown then black eye shadow is all you need, is called Smokey Look and is very liked during all seasons because eyes play a big role on communicating with others that’s why knowing some great techniques on how to apply the black eye shadow is always a bonus, here are some great tips on how to do it yourself.

Take a brush to apply the cream which is used as a foundation -for the eye shadow that will be applied later- and apply the cream all over your eye lid.

Now is time to put the black powder, apply it gently and smoothly all over your eye, try to concentrate and make it a bit darker near the eyelashes.  In case you want a more dramatic look you can put the black pencil near eyelashes also.

The good thing of using a black eyeshadow is because no matter if you have a dark skin or your face skin is pale, both ways this kind of eyeshadow will look great

Using a highlight or white eye shadow under your eyebrow  will give your eyes an amazing look, in the same time will make your eyes look bigger. You can use white pencil on the inside of the eye for a different and bigger eye look.

And Now is time for a black mascara, you can apply it two or three times if you eye lashes to look longer.

It’s not recommended to use dark lipstick with black eye shadow because it will make your face look too heavy with all that make up on, try to go for natural lipstick or just gloss.

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