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How to Apply Kohl Eyeliner.


For applying Kohl Eyeliner we need.

What You Need

You favorite Kohl (I use stila Kajal Eye Liner, Sapphire) Mirror Cotton Swabs

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Steps on to follow when applying kohl eyeliner

Usually, before using any eyeliner, you need to apply the other eye makeup such as under eye concealer, eyeshadow primers, eyeshadow base, foundation etc except mascara. In this discussion, we are not going to discuss how to apply a concealer (for people who have dark under eye circles, under eye wrinkles and other imperfections) or how to apply eyeshadow. We will go straight to how to apply kohl eyeliner with an assumption you already know them.

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Thoroughly dry your hands before touching the area around your eyes or kohl pencil/Kajal. Press gently on the tip to warm it or roll the tip around your arms severally. This will make application much easier.

Applying Kohl on Lower Waterline

Hold the eyeliner as you do when you want to write using a pencil. Using your index finger of the other hand, press the bottom your lower eyelid, just below the lash line so that your waterline is much more visible. This will make application of Kajal much easier. While looking into your mirror put kohl eyeliner pencil tip at your eye corner near your tear duct and glides along your waterline. You could use either a single continuous line or several short dashes. Different sources teach different ways on how to apply them. Some might insist on using dotted lines or continuous lines. When you finish, release your lower lid and close your eye.

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Applying Kajal Eyeliner on Upper Lash Line

You are finished with your lower waterline; you need to go to the upper eyelid where you need to close the eye being applied. People who are very experienced might slightly open the eye as they apply them. Next, place your kohl or kajal pencil on the inner corner on your upper eyelid, draw a line using short dashes, and slowly fill them. You could also use a single swipe if you are experienced. Using cotton swab, smudge your upper eyelid if you want to get the smoky look. You should smoothly blend out your color reducing the harsh line you might have created.

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