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How to Apply Pencil/ Liquid Eyeliner


Many women have it difficult to apply a straight- beautiful line using eyeliner; but let me tell you, with the right tips is not difficult at all. You will apply your eyeliner like a pro after using these tips

Pencil Eyeliner:  If you use pencil eyeliner make sure you choose one that is creamy and long lasting. Start by applying it on the outer corner and then move on to the inner corner of your eyes; if the liner is not very straight, take a small brush and try to make the line as smooth as you can. If you want to do the winged line, use the eyeliner left on the brush to do that so it will not come out very heavy.

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Liquid Liner: If you are a beginner with liquid eyeliner I would recommend you use  pencil eyeliner first, just to make the line straight and give it the shape you want, and then apply the liquid liner on top of it; will make things way easier for you.

When it comes to liquid eyeliner, I would recommend you use felt-tip eyeliner because it makes the liner straighter and easy to apply.

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How to apply liquid liner like a pro: First make sure there isn’t too much liquid on the brush, and start by applying it from the inner corner to outer corner of your eye, make sure the line is pretty thick on the inner corner;

you can make a straight line or you can do it by applying small strokes- whatever is easier for you; I have it easier if I do small strokes in the beginning so I can have more control on the shape I want to give to the line.

Brush the product off the brush and draw a small line on your lower lashes to connect the eyeliner and make it look more natural. Start by doing it from the middle to the out part, drawing a full line is not recommended.