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How to Apply Two Color Eyeshadow – Video Tutorial


Two color eye shadow makeup is not something new for many of us, but what can be difficult for some, is how to apply and how to blend it so good that it will look smooth and add the depth in your eyes.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, is always good to know some new tricks of applying a two color eye shadow because let me tell you, it’s absolutely amazing and makes your eye pop!

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1-If you want your makeup to last throughout the day, then apply eye makeup primer; after the primer is immersed into your skin you can start applying the eyeshadows.

2-After choosing two matching colors (you can match two colors based on your choice or you can find them on cosmetics shops, where half is lighter and the other half is darker) start by applying the lighter color on your inner corner and maybe a little bit more, till the half of your eyelid; and now take the darker eye shadow and apply it on the outer corner of your eye.

3-When applying the darker color on the outer corner, make sure you give it the shape of your eye, that way it will be like a natural blend.

4-Use the same brush, or apply use your finer, whatever you find more suitable for you; wiggle good until the two colors are blended  and you have created the smooth look.

5-Take a big brush and blend it near your eyebrows but don’t go too far.

How to Apply Two Color Eyeshadow Tutorial: