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How to Become a Very Healthy Person


To be a healthy person means lower changes of getting affected by cancers, a killer that is taking million of life’s every year, but not only cancer but many other diseases that comes as result of not living a healthy life.

To have a healthy and long life you need sleep, a good sleep. Don’t stay up till late and then wake up early to go to work or school and after feel tired all day long, so early to bed and long hours of sleep is the first important tip.

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Being happy and smiling, not only make other’s around you feel good and comfortable but it makes you look younger and healthy. People who laugh a log are free from stresses, so that means healthier and better life.

Meditate, even if you do that for 20 minutes once per day it means a lot to your body, just sit somewhere quiet, do nothing except counting your breathings, set your mind in a state of peace.

Eat fruits and vegetables, is not a secret anymore, we know that eating healthy food it makes your body healthier and stronger. Vegetables and fruits are the best things you can eat, avoid junks and fast food, those are the number one enemy of your body.

Drink plenty of water, drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water it will definitely affect in a very positive way on your body. The lack of water in your body it will make you feel tired, headache, it will also affect in you acne on your face.

Run and exercise a lot, even if you do that for 30 mins its better than not doing it at all. If you are into nature than going for a walk in the park or near a lake is the best thing, if you live in a big city and there is no such place then I’d suggest you subscribe to a gym and attend it for at least twice per week.

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Follow your passions, do things you love to do, look after your hobbies, music, writing, whatever it may be, work on it, because the pleasure that it gives you its so big and that’s what makes life whole, being happy and doing things you enjoy.

Don’t take everything seriously and stress over, after all life is just a big joke, so while we are here, why not laugh a bit and enjoy, moments comes once per life, it won’t be give a second change to do it better, so think about that, is it worth the drama? I don’t think so, enjoy a happy healthy life and take care of your body.