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How to cure Diabetes

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Diabetes, except special cases, is a chronic disease that is cured for a lifetime. The cure is essential not only to eliminate disorders related to hyperglycemia but to minimize the risk of chronic complications.

The basics of diabetes care are therapeutic education, diet, physical activity and medications.

Therapeutic education is indispensable for a disease in which the patient is the real protagonist of the care and the final result (outcome).

Diet is essential for several reasons:
a) carbohydrates (sugars) that are ingested in the diet.

b) take fats should be checked for correct Dyslipidemia often frequent in type 2 diabetes.
c) excess body weight, which contributes to the development of type 2 diabetes, it should be corrected with lower calories to calories consumed.

Diet therapy should ideally defined with a dietitian and must take account of the age, type of diabetes and its treatment, body weight goals, habits and food preferences, economic availability, physical activities or sports.
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In other words, the diet should be customized and revised periodically in the light of the results obtained.

Physical activity is important because: contributes to weight loss, consume glucose in the muscles and, therefore, reduces blood glucose, increases insulin sensitivity, thereby correcting one of the causes of diabetes
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Insulin therapy should be initiated immediately and never again suspended at the time of diagnosis of type 1 diabetes.
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Insulin therapy may be considered as life-saving in the subject with type 1 diabetes who for any reason must suspend, even if no feeds. In this case, the insulin dose can be reduced, but never should be longer than a few hours in which a diabetic type 1 does not receive his insulin injection.