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How to do a Steam Facial


No matter what type of skin you have- dry, oily, sensitive- steam will clean your skin deep in the pores. Steam is offered in many spa and beauty centers, but that can happen if you have the money and time to go there. You can make a steam facial in the comfort of your home without spending a penny. How can you do that? Keep reading…

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First of all, make sure your face is washed well with a chamomile or non-abrasive soap, so your face won’t be irritated.

In a metal bowl add water and some slices of lemon and let it boil at about 110 degrees Fahrenheit ( or 43 degrees Celsius) – this temperature is enough high to make you sweat but in the same time not too hot to cause any unpleasant moment.

Now is time to place your face near the boiling water, not too close to risk burning but not too far at same time. In order to make it work better, drape a towel over your head, to direct the steam on your face.

During this process try to keep your mouth and eyes close, it can be a little bit difficult to breathe but beauty cost, so you will have to deal with this for few minutes.

If you have a sensitive skin, then is recommended to steam your face for no more than 15 minutes. Add some lavender on the boiling bowl also, to make your skin even better.

If you have a dry skin, you can add some rose essential oils in the bowling water also, to make your skin smoother. Don’t steam your face for more than 20 minutes if you have a dry skin.

If you have oily skin, is recommended to add lemon essential oils in the bowling water to get rid of the extra oil off your skin. Don’t steam your face for more than 15 minutes.

After steaming your face, get a clean dry towel and wipe your face good. If you have spots or blemishes now is time to use the creams your doctor has recommended you. Wash your hands good before applying any cream or moisturize because the pores are open and skin can get infected very easily.

In case you not using any cream, relax for few minutes until your skin gets back to normality because it will look a little bit red at first. Again, don’t touch your face with your hands while it dries.