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How to Gain Weight -10 Steps


Most people struggle to lose weight, therefore hearing some say that they want to actually lose weight may sound odd; Eating disorders can cause anorexia which is quite common in adolescents – but in extreme cases can lead to bulimia.

Anorexia is an illness and should be treated like this; but if you just want to gain few pounds to join a sport team, or just to feel better with yourself, or you want to get healthier then I believe the tips listed below shall help you.

How to Gain Weight  10 Steps

1. How much you want to gain? First of all you need to determine how much you want to gain; it can be one pound or few. This is important so you can count your daily calories and how much you will need to exercise.

2.How many calories should take ? That of course depends on how much you want to gain as we mentioned above but the ideal caloric surplus for men should be 2500-5000 calories per day, and for women 2125-3000 calories per day.

3.Eat three meals per day and also snacks in between. It is very important to eat three meals a day if you want to gain weight- you probably are not used to eat this way as you wouldn’t be under weight in the first place but give it a try and eat as much as you can. Cook your favorite meals in order to eat more.

4.Focus on the foods that will help you gain weight- which means hefty foods. There are certain foods that will help you gain weight faster and healthier such as:

–          Drinks: whole milk, juice and protein shakes

–          Bread: try to eat bread more often that you eaten before; cut slices of bread and spread honey or butter on it cheese or anything else you like.

–          Vegetables and Fruits:  I don’t want for you just to gain weight fast by eating everything in front of you because you have to think about your health also. Eating vegetables and fruits is the healthiest way to gain weight and maintain your good health.

–          Soup: I don’t mean the kind of soup you go and buy to the store and just add some water on eat, I mean home cooked soup with hearty cream; and don’t forget to eat it with bread.

–          Add more oil: probably you are not used to add too much oil on your cooking but time to change the habit, add more oil in everything you cook; oil will make you gain weight and keep you healthy (I would recommend olive oil).

5.Eat more protein: If you don’t eat proteins you will probably lose more weight even if you take the right amount of calories; proteins are a must for everyone that wants to gain weight.  High protein foods re Tuna, chicken, burgers, soybeans;

6.Exercise: this way all the extra pounds you are gaining will turn into muscles or getting a tonic body; By exercising you will not only stay fit but also get yourself to eat more; as we know we tend to get more hungry after exercising and that will help you gain weight and keep your body in a good shape.

7.Avoid stressing; stress leads to overeating sometimes but usually people who are stressed out tend to lose weight- and fast. You get lost in your thoughts and problems, you think negatively and have no time to eat; is then where the real problems start. Keep your positive spirit;

8.Check your weight daily to see if you are gaining the right amount and get motivated.

9. If none of the above works I would seriously recommend you check with a doctor and see what the real problem is.

10 .In the link here you will find the calories calculator by adding your height and age and all the other information needed; this way it will be easier for you to calculate your calories based on your age and height  http://www.shapefit.com/weight-gain-calculator.html