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How to Get Rid of a Pimple Overnight?

Get Rid of Pimples Overnight
Get Rid of Pimples Overnight

Having pimples on your face can be pretty annoying; therefore you want to get rid of them as soon as possible, what if I tell you that there are ways to get rid of it overnight? Yes, it is possible; with the steps below you will no longer fear pimples. You will not need any store-brought products, you can do this with homemade remedies which is hundred percent natural and safe, as well as beneficial for your pocket.

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Get Rid of Pimples Overnight

Ice: Ice can be really effective when it comes to pimples, the low temperature of ice it just eliminates pimples. How you can do it? In a piece of cloth wrap some ice, crushed or cube it doesn’t matter and then leave it in the pimple area for about half an hour. Do this many times during the day because the low temperature of ice eliminates oil and dirt from your pores, as well as freezing them.  Eliminating pimples with ice is one of the fastest ways, but if you cannot stand the ice in your skin for that long so many times then don’t worry there are other ways for you.

Now it’s time for some home remedies to help you get rid of pimples during the night. This home remedies should be use when pimples are small or just starting to appear because if they have advanced or have whiteheads then it would take more than a night to get rid of them. If you have little pimples that you trying to stop from developing then wash your face with warm water and prepare to apply some great recipes on your pimples.

Toothpaste: We love toothpaste, wash our teeth perfectly gives us a refreshing smell, what if you use this great product in your pimples? You’d see amazing results. Toothpaste has gotten quite popular and I believe most of you have heard of it but in case you haven’t here is a trick on how to get rid of pimples with toothpaste. Before you go to bed apply some toothpaste in your pimples and leave it there until there morning, you will get surprised to see a clean smooth face. Toothpaste has the ability to dry pimples and close the pores, that’s why its very effective and quite fast. Use toothpaste before bed and you will be surprised, and it smells very good so no complains and you will not need to spend a single penny.

Lemon: it may seem a bit harsh to use lemon on your skin but not on the nose area. Lemon should be used only on pimples that have been created on the nose.  Take some fresh lemon and apply its juice on your nose and let it dry during the night, by doing so it will minimize or eliminate your pimples over the nose. It’s very effective and natural, one of the best ways to get rid of pimples because it doesn’t require any big effort.

Cinnamon and Honey:  This mask is very easy to prepare and very effective, all you need to do is mix together these two ingredients and make it like a paste.  Then put this face mask on your face before you sleep and leave it there whole night, it may be a little bit difficult to sleep with it but looking good requires effort.  Wash it good in the morning with warm water. This mask is effective but it will probably take more than a night to get rid of pimples totally, that’s why you may consider of using one of the recipes above which are more effective if you want to get rid of pimples in only one night.


It’s important to wash your face with warm water before applying any of these tips and remedies because you need to have a clean face for a better result, even though don’t do it too often because you will end up drying your skin and possibly harm it.

A very bad habit which is very common is squeezing pimples. We’re all guilty for that; we all have done it at least once and those who say no, they are lying. Don’t squeeze your pimples, is very important not to forget this no matter how tempting it may be because by squeezing them you will make it worse.