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How to get Rid of Double Chin


Before we talk of how to get rid of double chin let’s talk of what cause it, as it is more common double chin usually happens because of obesity  but that’s not the only reason, aging,  bone structure can cause a double chin also. Below are some tips/exercises on how to get rid of your double chin fat.

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Chin exercises are very good on reducing your double chin fat and you can do this simple exercise very easily by just stretching in the upward direction your loose skin under the chin. Do this often and try to keep your muscles firm by exercising your chin.

This is another exercise for your chin, for this you will need to pull your head back and stretch your lips while try to keep your face relax; repeat this for about 4-5 times.

This exercise is amazing for tightening the jaw muscles, you will need to sit in an armless chair and push your head back facing the ceiling and stay in this position for about 10-15 seconds, repeat this exercise for about three times a week, ten times a day, its very effective and you soon will see your double chin fading.

Your diet plays an important role on double chin, as obesity is the number one cause of this, then what you need to do is avoid junk food and eat more vegetables and fruits, plenty of water and start losing weight.

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If none of this is working and your double chin is very obvious and annoying then maybe you should consider surgery. It’s the extreme but unless you have no other option surgery can be an option.