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How to Get Your Hair Really Straight with a Flat Iron


Having curly or wavy hair but instead you like them straight? Well that’s not a problem anymore, everyone can style their hair as they like. But when straightening your hair yourself is good to keep few things in mind so you straight them right and make it not only flat but will add volume to your hair in the same time. Before applying the flat iron there are few things you should keep in mind such as drying your hair and using the right products, as well as how to use the flat iron to make your hair really straight.

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Before straightening your hair you should wash and prepare them for the heat. Use hair serum or any other product that you find suitable, hair creams or sprays that contains the right formulas that decrease the risk of damaging your hair. Apply it starting from the root-to- the end of your hair; you can add some extra product by the end of your hair as we will focus more there for a better look.

While you are drying your hair, is good to start by straightening them with a brush while drying so it will reduce the amount of your waves or curls and make it easier for later when you will be using the flat iron.

Before you start using the flat iron, you have to divide your hair in equal sections. Don’t set the flat iron too hot because it will damage your hair; each time you straight one of the sections use hairspray for a longer result. Hairspray will make your hair stay really straight for long hours.  When using the flat iron, start from root to the ends, do it few times for each sections, some may need to go for extra times but if you do it slowly and right I am sure few times is more than enough.

After straightening all the sections brush your hair and do the final cover by straightening all the hair together without diving into parts.  After you do that you can add the last stylish cream or serum. And that’s how you should straight your hair, hope you enjoy it.