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How to Grow Taller

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Being tall is something most of us want, it doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl, both wants to be tall, that’s why girls wear heels after all. Growing taller is something based on genetics, if your parents are not that tall, then you will not have much chance either, but we cannot choose our parents, can we? so what we can do is trying to change the little things we can do to make yourself bit more tall.
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1. Sleep well. It’s important that on your teenage yours you sleep up to 11 hours. Because is the time where your height will be determined, so sleep plenty.

2. Eat well. Make sure you are eating the right things, vitamins and minerals are necessary for the body to grow tall. As we know calcium affect on our bones, by making them grow, so that’s exactly what you need, calcium. Vitamin D is very important also you can find it at certain foods like fish or mushrooms, or just by staying in the sun.

3. Proteins eat a lot of meat and eggs and other foods which have high proteins, food it will affect a lot in your height.
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4. Don’t skip any meal, at this period of your life, when you are growing up and that’s the body you will have after for all your life, is important to eat regularly, three times a day and don’t skip meals, is very important.

5. After reading some posts about basketball and its effect on tallness I think that it can slightly be true and can make your body grow faster. After all jumping and playing on regular basis it will give you some extra centimeters, but remember this may not be effective to everyone, there are successful stories about people which have grown taller by basketball and other stories where they haven’t.

6. If you have a tall family and by your teenage years you notice that you are not growing tall then we suggest you visit a doctor and check about the problem. Being tall it can be nice, after all that’s the idea of beauty but don’t let that affect on your confidence, not matter the height you’re still beautiful.