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How to Improve the Face Color

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The skin face is so delicate and not all of us like our face color, some are pal and some have dark skin, some just want to make it look more natural. Well, for all of you I have some great tips on how to improve and give life to your face skin.

Face Wash
Washing your face it’s easy, we all know how to do that but the difficult task arise when choosing the right shampoo or soap or water temperature. If you have dry skin than washing your face with hot water is not a good idea, it will just irritate it more. Always chose the soap according to your skin if it’s oily, dry, sensitive or normal. Take one recommended specifically for your type of skin and always wash with warm water, not very hot but neither cold.
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Face Care
Get enough sleep, wherever you haven’t slept enough is directly showed in your face, dark cycles under eyes and an irritated skin. Get enough of sleep and you will see the change. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, exercise regularly and live a healthy life, don’t smoke as it will make your skin look older also.

Crèmes for skin
If you are looking for a crème anti aging then I would suggest any crème that contains vitamin A. For you who have the dark cycles under the eye and want to get rid of them crèmes with vitamin K are the solutions. Any crème with vitamin B is what it takes to make the dry skin of your face softer.