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How to Lighten your Hair with Natural Recipes


Many women worldwide dye their hair through harsh chemicals and esthetics hair-colors. Dyeing your hair through harsh chemicals not only damage your hair to the point that you can never get back the natural, shinny look but it also affects your scalp and can cause many skin problems.

Some women prefer to stay in a more natural look and others prefer to make their hair color lighter, sometimes for esthetic reasons and sometimes to “hide” their grey hair. If you are a mid-age woman then having a lighter hair color will make you look younger and you will not need to color your hair often to hide the grey hair.

There are many brands of hair-colors that would dye your hair for 30 minutes; but using natural methods is very effective and in the same time you will protect your hair from damaging totally. This article will show you how to make your own highlights with homemade products as well as lightening your hair color in the comfort of your home without spending anything because I am sure all of you have these products in your kitchen.

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1. Lemon Juice- The base of every hair lightener is lemon and I believe most of you have seen the commercials. Lemon juice is very effective and it doesn’t contain any artificial chemicals. Squeeze a fresh lemon and mix the juice with 50% water. That means 50:50 lemon juice- and water. After doing so apply it all over your hair or just highlights, whatever you like. Leave it there for about 15 minutes then wash it good with water. Lemon juice is a strong acid and therefore very effective; but in order to achieve the final result you will have to do this for few days in a row. Until you achieve the look you want.

2.If you want good scalp, soft hair and lightening agents then use Olive Oil. Olive oil has natural lighteners that will lighten your hair color and give it a smooth shine. You can prepare this by filling a cup with water; then add two tablespoon of olive oil and one tablespoon with lemon juice. Rinse your hair with the mixture and leave it over your hair for about 30 minutes. Wash it good with shampoo afterwards in order to eliminate any oil from your hair.

3. Honey- contains traces of hydrogen peroxide which can naturally lighten your hair color in an amazing way. Simply apply take a cup of water and add a tablespoon of honey there, apply it all over your hair and leave it there for no more than 30 minutes. Wash your hair good afterwards;

4-  A combined Natural Home Remedy to Lighten your Hair Faster:

These ingredients listen below should be applied wet hair only. If you want to create only some highlights then just apply it over the hair you want to lighten; if you want to lighten your total hair color then apply it all over your hair. It is recommended for this mixture to be applied during the night because you will have to keep it for some long hours on your hair rubbed with a cap (about 4-5 hours).

–          Two tablespoon of lemon juice

–          One tablespoon of honey

–          Two tablespoon of cinnamon

–          1 cup deep natural conditioner ( for moisturizing)


  NOTE:  In order for your hair to lighten to the degree you want them to, you will need to apply these mask for more than once. Do it repeatedly until you achieve the color desired.