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How to Lose Weight Fast

Lose Weight Fast

Putting weight is easy done but the difficult task is losing it. Half of Americans are trying to lose weight and nearly 35 % suffer from obesity. We all see commercials on TV about different pills on reducing weight, different tea’s , and many ways that help you losing weight but it’s not all about the techniques you use , it also have to do with your Will , a strong determinate Will. Before you chose to lose weight, tell to yourself that you will really do it, and no cake or delicious food will change your mind. Bodyweight flow Program tells you about all weight loss problem, and it also tells you about exercises. If you’re suffering from obesity so this is for you. It will lose your weight in few weeks.
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1. A good way to lose weight is by drinking a lot of water, like this you will not feel very hungry also and is very healthy, remember to drink water before and after food about eight cups a day or more. It’s suggested the water to be cold.
2. Lemonade Diet. This diet is effective if you want to lose weight fast, drinking 7-13 cups with lemonade per day will show results in a short time.
3. Avoid fast food and all those unhealthy meals; instead cook at home light soups like vegetable soup, salad, yogurt and other healthy meals that will reduce your fat.

4. Exercise. We all know that exercising is a very healthy way to lose weight, go for run, swim, and walk, play different games whatever makes your body move and also is important that you enjoy it.

5. Reduce the portion size of your meal. Yes, if you want to lose weight you cannot eat the same you have been eating, you will have to reduce the meals and plan your meals before as well as writing calories and everything you eat so it will be easier if you plan every meal.

6. Avoid sweets. I know that it can be tempting eating a chocolate, ice cream, coke or other juices, just remember that if you want fast results than you have to make some drastic changes.
How to Lose Weight Fast Help Me Loss Weight
7. Another way of losing weight fast is the chicken soup, eating for lunch chicken soup for 2 weeks in a row will make you lose 22lbs in a month! This diet is very effective and I will write down what you have to eat in 10-14 days so you can lose 22lbs in a month!
Lose weight Fast:

* 6:00 am – a glass of water
* 8:00 am- coffee without sugar
* 10:00 am- fruits, grape or plum
* 12:00 am – one boiled egg
* 14:00 pm – chicken soup
* 16:00 pm- coffee without sugar
* 18:00 pm –boiled egg
* 20:00 pm – yogurt
* 10:00 pm- vegetables, tomato or cucumber
* Water Without Limit all Day-

If you do that for nearly 10 days or 2 weeks you will see some great results in a very short time, just remember losing weight fast it’s not healthy but if you chose/need to lose weight fast then we suggest one of this tips. Have a safe diet.