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How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

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Aren’t the long hair a sign of beauty ? Girls putting fake hair (extensions) so they can look prettier, spending enormous money in beauty saloon, well not anymore !

Here are some amazing tips on how to make your hair grow faster.
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First of all, the impact the food have in our hair is big, it all depends what we eat. More protein means longer hair, so where you can find this protein? You can find it in foods like eggs, fish, meat, vegetables etc.

Vitamin C it directly affect on hair, more vitamin C means shinny and healthy hair. Lack of vitamin C will make your hair dry and feel like dead hair.

In case you are losing hair ,double the amount of vitamin B you are taking. Vitamin B will prevent somehow the lost of hair.
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Avoiding stress and keeping a healthy social and active lifestyle is the key to a better hair and longer.If you stress the changes are that your hair will start falling ,we probably all have notice that during stressful days the hair falls rapidly.

Also don’t forget to sleep,early to bed will keep your body good and healthy and you will not have to worry about hair anymore.