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How to Make Yourself Look Younger

how to look young

As years pass we all know that we not getting any younger, so for women this can be somehow stressful ,trying to look younger and not letting the years put you down.

Here are some tips on how to make yourself look younger :
First of all the way you do make up have to do a lot ,if you try to keep it simple with a peach lipstick and a gloss.

Also put a good tan in your legs, make them look shinny and dark it will give you and others the impression of young and beautiful legs .
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To make your eyes look fresh and bright put a good powder crème up and down your eyes, in this way the black cycles that are caused from tiredness around your eyes will not be very obvious.

We all know the smiles are the real beauty of a woman’s face, so smiles as much as you can ,you can practice if you’re not the type of person who smiles a lot.

Another way to keep your body young is to eat healthy food and exercise a lot. If you’re a smoker then quit, smoking makes your skin looks old and tired also it’s not good for the hair.
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And last but not least, go with fashion. Only because years are passing doesn’t mean you should dress like your grandma ,keep yourself in fashion of course clothes that are suitable for your age, dressing like a teenager won’t make you look younger .

Aging is a process we can’t stop but why not to make this easier by taking care of our outlook and smile more !