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How to Massage Away a Headache


Headaches can be really painful no matter if is chronic or not. You can help yourself from headaches through medical drugs or by simply learning how to do a self-massage. This ways you will get rid of headache in a simple, healthy way.

1 First and most important is to get comfortable. You cannot really enjoy a massage if the place where you lay is not comfortable. Find a sofa or chair that makes you really feel good.

2 Turn off the lights. If is evening/night better turn off the lights; if its daylight then find a place where is not too much lights.
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3 Start the massage by the area of above and around your ears. Move slowly the skin with your fingers in that place and start moving a little bit your scalp also not just your fingers.

4 Start moving the pads of your fingers in circles around the temples; keep doing it for few minutes. Continue doing the same thing behind of your head.

5 Continue doing it until the pain goes away. By massaging the areas where the strongest pain is created you will relief yourself and feel much better afterwards.

6 Massage your neck with the palm of your hands. Sometimes too much tension can be created in our shoulder and neck; all you need to do is massage your neck slowly and then your shoulders, it will really help you feel better.

Tips: If massage isn’t working that much for you and you want to get rid of it without medicine, then try a hot shower; sometimes big stress and tension can be accumulated inside our body and a hot bath is a great way to relief that stress. Also it will make you feel bit sleepy so when you wake up you won’t feel the pain anymore.