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How to Overcome Nervousness


We all feel nervous for certain events or situation, having a date? Or an important meeting that would change your life and you don’t want to ruin it? Or perhaps a speech in a big room filled with people staring at you? Well, here are some great tips and ideas of how to overcome nervousness.

First of all take some deep breaths and tray to focus on the positive side of what is causing you nervousness.   You have to work and lessen this feeling by preparing.

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Prepare. The best way for everything in life is to prepare, no matter if is an exam, speech, date, business meeting, you have to prepare so you can do well. If you have an exam then try to study as much as possible while taking some small brakes here and then, if you have a date then think of some question you may ask the other person so you don’t fall into the awkward silence, if you have a business meeting then work on the presentation. Try to work carefully and intensively so you don’t fail and make the feeling even worse, nervousness can be overcome once you do your best and have great results.

No matter how things go, ask yourself how this will affect you in the long run, will it matter after few days or weeks, is this situation matter after a while or it will be forgotten and you are just worrying too much and paying too much attention to it, more than it needed. Think on the long run and how things can be if it won’t go the way you want them to be. Try to be positive.

Do it because it makes you happy. We always think and worry about our action and what people will think and how harsh the judgment can be if you fail. Well, we have good news for you, people don’t care that much of what you do, is the idea in your mind that makes you believe that they do. Everyone is worried about themselves and their problems, so to them it doesn’t matter if you fail or success, you have to do it for yourself, that’s why feeling nervous should not be a reason preventing you of doing what you enjoy.

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Live in the Now. The biggest nervousness feeling comes from worrying too much about future and how things are going to be. You don’t know what is going to happen in five years from now, why? Because even one day can change your life, tomorrow may not be the day you have planed, things can always change for good or for bad, so instead focus in the present moment and try to live one day at a time. Sometimes things turn out to be better than you thought or plan, so smile and set yourself free from nervousness.