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How to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair Loss Treatment

Understanding Hair Loss
Hair loss can have many causes but important is to know how to prevent it and how to take care of your hair. Stress, wealthy, diet, weather, age. Hair loss can also be genetic, this pattern usually happens to the men baldness.

It is normal to lose 80-150 hairs a day but in case you are losing more just remember to take more care about your hair. First of all don’t heat and dry the hair constantly, stop coloring your hair often and keep your natural hair color. Even the style you do to your hair effects a lot, if you push your hair up like tight ponytail can cause hair lose.
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Choose the Right Shampoo for your Hair

Talk to a pharmacist or a doctor to chose the right shampoo or even do that yourself but read carefully the essentials, and is important not to change the brand of shampoo very often. Also keep in mind to not brush your hair often because it will just fall your hair and sometimes you can use fingers to instead of the brush. Never brush your hair when they are wet!

Don’t Stress

If stress is putting you down just remember that sometimes things can’t be the way you want them to be but they may turn out better. Don’t stress and sleep long hours. Keep a good diet and eat healthy food. A healthy food means a healthy body so eat proteins
How to Prevent Hair Loss Prevent Hair Loss
Oil Treatment for Hair Loss

We all know that oil is the best medicine for skin and hair. It prevent hair loss but in the same time it will give to your hair the beaty and shine you been looking for. Any natural oil, make warm and massage your head and hair gently and slow after cover your hair with a towel and leave it like that for at least one hour.

It sound too unrealistic but it works ! meditation is the inner medicine for your body, hair disease ,stress and everything else. It puts you in peace with yourself.