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How to Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

It doesn’t matter for how long you have been smoking, if you smoke only few cigarettes per day or a whole package ,smoking is a habit that is really difficult to quiet.

It always feel that smoking makes stress and problems vanish in the air but how true is that?

Lighting up a cigarette after a good meal also is habit hard to quit ! so I tried to collect together some ways on how to quit smoking.
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First and most important, you and only you have the power to quit smoking. What you have to do is to decide it. Just decide that you will not smoke a cigarette anymore ! You have to mean it and it needs a strong will to achieve it, you have to promise that to yourself, nobody’s else.

Second step is to stay away from people who smoke or environments that smokers go. If your friends smoke ask them gently not to smoke in your presence or don’t meet them in awhile, think about your health !
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Also I know that there are many herbs which helps to quit smoking, one in particularly which I had the chance to see closer, it was a green herb that everytime you felt like need a cigarette you would put that herb in your mouth and keep it for few mins and the desire for smoking would stop.

Remember that being a non smoker means living a healthier and longer life ,a life full of energy and beautiful skin.