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How to Remove Blackheads from Your Face

Milk and Nutmeg Facial Mask
Milk and Nutmeg Facial Mask

Blackheads are just pimples; they’re really tiny but can be quiet annoying . Blackheads have no skin so that means they’re exposed to the air and that’s what makes them dark. You don’t have to squeeze and make it worse you just need some good natural tips and you will get rid once for good and have a really clean face. What you have to do? Just read the tips below:

Milk and Nutmeg

Oily skin means larger pores, which additionally will effect on the size of blackheads but don’t worry  here are some home remedies you can use, totally effected and natural, easy to prepare and low cost. For this mask you will need milk and nutmeg.  To remove the oil from your skin use nutmeg, it will not only remove the oil but make your skin very smooth. How to prepare it? Very simple, just mix together these two ingredients until it becomes like a paste.  Before you apply it make sure your face is clean or even better clean it with water and then apply it, so the paste can go right to your pores and remove the blackheads as well as the oil. Keep the mask for no more than 5 minutes because this paste is very effective in short time, do this for a week and say goodbye to blackheads.

How to Remove Blackheads from Your Face  blackhead remover skincare
Milk and Nutmeg Facial Mask


In difference from the mask above, in this one you have to make sure that your face is totally dry, a wet face it would ruin the mask. Of course your face should be clean but in the same time really dry because the honey needs to stick to your face.  That’s why choose a very sticky honey for this mask. Is very simple to do, put some honey in your fingers and then massage with it the places of your face where the blackheads are, this way it will remove the blackheads by sticking in the honey, as well as many deep bacterial that face may have. Do this for few minutes only and then wash it with water really good.

How to Remove Blackheads from Your Face  honey facials
Honey for removing blackheads


If the tips above are not helping as much as you want, and your blackheads are quiet advanced, this is the most extreme but completely effective to get rid of blackheads. In order to do this deep clean up you will need a toothbrush, remember should be new toothbrush never, ever use the same you wash your mouth. Add some drops of lemon and oil- skin in a small cup and mix it together and then put the toothbrush in the cup in order to get all the liquid needed to clean the face. Then gently clean the blackheads with the toothbrush, in circular motions and try to keep it slow so you don’t damage your skin.  Be careful to keep this a far from the eyes, that means you shouldn’t use the toothbrush all over the face only in the places where blackheads are.