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How to shape eyebrows?


Hairs which are grown like a strip, above each eye socket of a person are called eyebrows. Women are found of shaping these naturally grown hairs, to look smart.

When you shape your eyebrows, your face will look groomed and, the features of your face will be balanced.

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How To Shape Eyebrows:

You can shape eyebrows very easily.

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  • First of all, you need to mark your eyebrows from where you want to start till where you want to end.

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  • Take an eye pencil and mark on the areas where you want to keep hairs. Rest of the hairs should be plucked.
  • You pluck the hairs which are out of your drawn boundary with the help of tweezers. You can also remove extra hairs with threading or waxing. After threading, the unwanted hairs can be removed with the help of tweezers.

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  • Check the work you are doing, in the mirror again and again, to get it accomplished with accuracy and precision.
  • While plucking from the areas between eyelashes and eyeblows, stretch the skin with the help of your fingers because this area is very delicate. Afterwards pluck extra hairs from forehead, the area above your eyebrows.
  • Comb your brow hairs in the shape of your eyebrows. If you feel any of the hairs extra long, you need to trim them with the help of scissor.

Here you are done with shaping your eyebrows.