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How to Stop Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating
Emotional Eating

Only few are the people that can eat good and don’t get fat, for others is like even the air makes them gain weight. It is so difficult to resist those delicious sweets, ice-creams in the summer, good meals or drinks. For some is a natural need to eat a lot but for some others is an emotional state. Like for example there are days when you’re home all day and all you want to do is eat. Of course eating can make you feel much better, but what happen when you overdue it and weight becomes a problem? Here are some great tips on how to stop your emotional eating.

1. First of all let’s talk about boredom. We all feel bored once in awhile, don’t feel like going out or having fun, problems with sleep or stress. All these are good reasons enough to push you more into food satisfaction, but stop for a minute, think… is it right to do that, is it right for yourself? Whatever the reason of your boredom must be, your health is more important. So instead of locking yourself home and eating, go out for a walk, exercise, keep yourself busy and don’t eat much between meals. This way you won’t think about the food all the time.

How to Stop Emotional Eating  emotional eating
Emotional Eating


2. Organize your eating. The best way to give up on food dependence is to eat in a health way, organize yourself and don’t eat everything that comes in your mind. I know it’s difficult especially when you are craving for something but you have to think about yourself in the long run. Everyday eat around the same time and health food, try to control yourself from eating when you get angry or stressed. Eating is as much as a biological need, as is an emotional need for satisfaction.

How to Stop Emotional Eating  emotional eating pic
Emotional Eating

3. Change your way of  thinking.You probably have heard this before but everything starts from within, the way you feel and think. If you want to change yourself first you have to change your thought, so that means the way you think of food as your salvation, stop feeling bad with yourself and instead change the way you think, like food is the only companion that makes you feel good because after awhile it will be harder to start losing weight or getting heart disease from unhealthy food. I believe that if you really want to control your emotions on food, you can! It’s all about how strong you are, and I am sure each of us can be strong enough to give up on unhealthy way of living. Remember to keep yourself busy and eat healthy, think about your life in long run and what is best for you before you open that fridge for the thousand time.