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How to Take Care of Your Eyes

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Taking care of your eyes is the best thing you can do. It doesn’t matter how old you are or if your sights is good or getting worse, always take care of your eyes, there are the window in which you see the world.

1. Carrots are the best veggies that help you taking care of your eyes. Eat plenty of veggies and fruits.

2. Also if you wear contact lenses remember not to put them for longer than a day.

3. The best treatment for the eyes and skin is to put 2 slices of cucumber in your eyes before you sleep, keep them for about 15 minutes. Just remember to cold the cucumber before you put them in your eyes.
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4. Don’t spend too much time on the computer. We all know that negative effect that computer has.

5. Relax your eyes once in awhile, just by focusing somewhere or resting, taking a nap.

6. be careful from strong light, especially from sun. Always put sun glasses in the summer and strong sun it damages the eyes pretty badly.

7. Never try to save money on buying the best glasses or contact lenses, your health is more important than anything.

8. If you wear contact lenses remember that they require you to be careful on the hygienic and always maintain them clean.

9. Give a massage to your eyes, like any body part eyes also need a good treatment, exercise and gently massage once in awhile.

Always take care of your eyes, don’t neglect a visit to the doctor every 12 months, it may look unimportant at the moment but remember that you will have to live with it for you whole life after, so better prevent it by taking care of your eyes and have a better view of your life.