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How to tie a scarf?


Scarf is a piece of  square or lengthy cloth which you wear on your head or neck.

Women are very conscious about their dressing. Scarf is a kind of hijab which girls are found carrying these days. Scarfs were used as hijab but, they are carried in more fashionable ways these days. Variety of scarfs are available which are different in colors, designs, prints and stuffs.

How To Tie A Scarf:

You can carry scarf in variety of ways. You can tie a scarf in a way, you like. You tie a scarf in a way which suits you.

The way you tie it, makes you to look strange or elegant. Many women love wearing scarfs but, the way they tie a scarf, creates a story. Here are some classy ways to tie a scarf:

1: French Knot:

Put a scarf in your neck in a way that the both ends of it are at back. Bring these both ends in front, by rounding around neck. Tie a knot but slightly. Tie another knot. This is termed as French Knot scarf.

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2: Knotted Necklace:

Wear scarf around your neck in a way that its both ends are in front. Wrap one of these ends around your hand to create a knot. But, the knot should be loose one. Pass other end in a way through this knot that first it goes under the knot, later it passes over this lope of the knot.

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3: Braided Scarf:

Take a scarf and make a braid of it. Wear this braided scarf around your neck and then adjust the braids at a place, where you want. Tie the loose ends of that braided scarf. Wrap these ends around braid.

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