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How to Wear Gold Eye Makeup


Metallic eye shadows are quite in for this summer/spring 2013, but in particular gold shimmer. The tricky part when applying gold eye shadow is by not spreading it all over the face or overdoing it.

If you do it right, gold eye makeup can be really amazing and trendy. With the steps below, you can apply your own gold eye shadow perfectly.

Step1.Before applying any kind of makeup you should always apply the eye base of primer.

Step2. In order to avoid the shimmer from spreading all over the face, and for a longer last of makeup the gold eye shadow should be creamy. Apply the gold cream shadow with your finger all over your eyelid, and then take a brush to blend it good and create the right shade.

Step3.  Blend the shadow good and use a light beige eye shadow near the brows. When applying gold eye makeup is not recommended to use eyeliner, we will try to keep it simple.

Step4.  Now it’s time for face powder. First wipe good under your eyes so there will be no gold shimmer left there and after apply foundation.  For your cheeks use peach blush for a sweet look.

Step5.  When it comes to lipstick you have to be careful what lipstick color you choose because it may ruin the whole hard work and make you look ridiculous. As we said gold eye shadow requires a simple makeup, such as peach plush and no eyeliner, therefore even lipstick needs to be combined with your eyes. Use a peach or coral lipstick or gloss.

Step6. Apply mascara as the final step. Do it more than once for a better look. If you have short lashes you can always consider by putting fake lashes, will make your eyes pop.

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