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Islamic Clothing for Women


Islam is a religion of peace and it stresses greatly upon covering yourself properly. Hijab is the most appropriate term which you can use to define the sanctity of women. In Islam it is stressed repeatedly that Muslim women should guard their modesty and should cover their body properly. If we talk about the concept of Islamic Clothing for Women then it is all about covering yourself properly so that you do not reveal yourself. So broadly speaking the Islamic clothing can be be divided basically into what you wear during your everyday routine and what you wear on some special occasion.

So in this post I will be telling you about some of the clothes that Muslim women can wear with ease.

Abaya & Jilbab

Commonly known as cloak, Abaya is a lose garment which looks quite similar to a robe is worn by most of the Muslim women all around the world. It is considered to be the most casual dressing for women in the Muslim community. Traditionally, abayas are black in color but now for special occasions women buy abayas in different colors. It covers your whole body except the face, feet, and hands. But if you want you can wear a scarf with it to cover your face and gloves to cover your hands.

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On the other hand, Jilbab can be called as a variation of Abaya which is a long loose fit coat worn by women. Jilbab covers your whole body, except for the hands, face, and head. Again you can cover these with some other options if needed.

Islamic Clothing for Women Munaaaa

Shalwar Kameez

Shalwar Kameez is one of the traditional dress worn by many women living in the South and Central Asia. Shalwar is more like a loose pant or trouser which is wide from the top and narrow from the ankle. Kameez is just like a shirt which can long, short or medium in length. Women style their shirts by applying different pattrens, lace, buttons, etc. Shalwar Kameez is not only worn by Muslims, many Non-Muslims also wear this dress.

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Islamic Clothing for Women Best Pak Muslim Salwar Kameez


A Shawl is simply a loose piece of cloth which is worn on shoulders, upper body and arms. Sometimes it is also used to cover the head. The concept of wearing shawls is more common in winters as most of the shawls are made of wool, pashmina, etc. Not only this shawls can be worn with shalwar kameez, jeans, etc.

Islamic Clothing for Women Ladies Shawls

Tunic Tops

Tunic tops are mainly loose shirts of small length especially worn by young girls. These can be carried easily with jeans and loose pants. Women may wear it and then cover their heads with scarfs. Tunic tops gives you a cool and younger look. So if you are tired of wearing something loose and long types of clothes they these are a good option.

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The concept of Islamic clothing is simple. It does not bounds its people to wear only a particular type of dress. Though it changes from one part of the world to the other but the foundation remains strong i.e. not to reveal your body parts. I hope that this article has been quite informative for you all.