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Islamic Fashion in Trend


Fashion refers to the term which gets viral among people and they adopt it in their daily routine. This term can fit with any commodity be it the way of dressing, walking, talking, etc. It gels the society together very well and in a small period of time we see people following it. Here we are not discussing about a fashion trend which is good or bad; all I am saying is that fashion some way or the other becomes a part of your life and there are very few people who refrains from it.

Now if we categorically relate fashion with particular region, religion or culture then we see some degree of freedom plus restrictions. Talking particularly about the religion Islam then people are quite misguided by the concept of fashion in Islam. Though Islam is a religion of peace and promotes simplicity but at the same time ask its followers to dress properly within limits and which covers them properly so that no element of indecency is promoted at any level. To achieve all of this Islam offers a term called as Hijab which defines the lawful dress code for Muslims. Though Hijab does not defines a particular dress or fabric. So anything which covers you and guards you can be called as Hijab.

This shows how much this religion is flexible. So coming back to the term fashion and how it is related to Islam. People think that Islamic fashion can never emerge as a strong industry but all such misconceptions are proved to be wrong today. In our today’s article I will be highlighting the Islamic fashion in trend these days. Women are adopting Islamic fashion with great zeal and zest but at the same time they are fulfilling the obligation of Hijab very well. They are using different fabrics and dresses for Hijab and are now getting over the old traditional dress which was usually an abaya or burqa. Though today, they do exist as well but have been modernized quite a lot. Not only this women are wearing western dresses as well like jeans, tops, skirts, gowns, etc. to carry the same Hijabi look.

So in the collection of images which is displayed below I will be highlighting some of these prevailing trends in the Islamic fashion industry. You will find quite a diversity in all of these trends which will vary from casual to semi formal and formal. Let’s look at these images:

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Islamic Fashion in Trend hijab woman beauty muslim modest fashion show indonesia islamic fashion fair 2013 hijaber islam kerudung maxi dress skirt style hijabi


Islamic Fashion in Trend Islamic Fashion Festival 10


Islamic Fashion in Trend Islamic Fashion Indonesia


Islamic Fashion in Trend Islamic Fashion Design House


Islamic Fashion in Trend Islamic fashion Festival IFF6


Islamic Fashion in Trend islamic fashion show jakarta indonesia k


Islamic Fashion in Trend king42


Islamic Fashion in Trend muslim Fashion

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