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Kaftan dress in trend these days!


We all are very much familiar with the importance and significance of dresses and clothing as they are responsible for not only covering our self properly but also bring style and elegance in the personality. Dresses can be categorized on the basis of many aspects like religion, traditions, culture, occasion, climatic conditions, etc. but in every case they serve the same purpose which I mentioned in the start of this article. Likewise we can even categorize dresses on the basis of cuts, patterns and fabrics from which they are made.

Talking about the cuts of dresses then I have written a lot about loose dresses from the point of Hijab and even style. So today I am again bringing one other kind of loosely fitted dress i.e. the kaftan dress. The concept of kaftan originated from Mesopotamia and it shows that it enjoys an ancient history. A kaftan is basically a loose fitted dress which is usually buttoned from the front. It bears resemblance with a coat as it has long sleeves and touches your ankles. It is also available in short and medium length. So it is not necessary that kaftan should be long. If I talk about the fabrics from which kaftans can be made then it can be made of wool, cashmere, silk, or cotton, and may be worn with a sash.

Kaftans are available in several colors and patterns. Floral prints, animal prints, etc. are all very common in kaftans. Similarly, people decorate it with different motives, laces, embroidery, fancy patterns, etc. Whether short or long in length people prefer wearing tights or noraml fitted pants with kaftan. Kaftan is worn by almost all the people belonging to different regions. Some wear it as their national dress while some wear it on special occasions.

Among Muslims kaftans are quite popular as they serve as an appropriate dress for Hijab. Being long and loose it can cover your body properly. Muslim women wear scarves to cover their heads if they are wearing kaftans. Young girls wear kaftans for both casual and formal occasions. However if you ask me then kaftans are mostly worn by school and college going girls. Middle aged and old women wear kaftans on weddings.

So I am bringing some of the Kaftan dress which are in trend these days. I hope you will really like this collection and you will share this with your friends on all different social networks. But do give your feedback as well.

Kaftan dress in trend these days!


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